6 June 2022 

CGC’s expertise validates Couillard Construction’s compliance!

On June 6, 2022, the Superior Court of Québec issued a judgment in favour of Couillard Construction (Couillard) in its case against the Ministère de transport du Québec (MTQ).

In August 2014, Couillard submitted a $14.4 million bid, the lowest bid received, for the construction of a section of the new Route 112 between Thetford Mines and Saint-Joseph-de-Colleraine.

The contract was rescinded however due to non-compliance related to a budget item that was the subject of an experimental measure as part of a pilot project. Couillard for its part claimed the bid it submitted was fully compliant.

CGC was tasked by Couillard’s legal counsel to analyze the bid submitted and assess its profit margin.

The MTQ accepted CGC’s report without it having been submitted to the Court.

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