Project Management


A rigorous approach
from start
to finish

Over the years, the CGC team has expertly handled the many situations and complications that can occur before, during and after a construction project.

The key to success is rigorous planning, including realistic schedules, reliable information management among work crews, and strict budget supervision.

Turn to CGC for partial or full support in the planning and management of your project: we offer unrivalled resources and experience, on or off the worksite.

Project Management

An expertise for:

  • Business owners and managers
  • Promoters
  • Building contractors
  • Bonding and insurance companies

Our services cover:

Project Management

Administration, planning and management

Project Management

Schedule compliance

Project Management

Cost and budget control

Project Management

Estimation and assessment of staffing, material and equipment needs

Project Management

A system for tracking correspondence and notices relevant to any possible disputes

Project Management

Technical support on-site and participation in studies

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