20 ans d'expertise en gestion de construction

Founded in March 2000, Consultants en Gestion de Construction (CGC) embodies the vision of four engineers who shared the same professional goals and work experience.

Having played an active role in major Québec civil engineering projects past and present, the highly-skilled team at CGC can work with you through every phase of your construction project:

  • Estimation of construction costs
  • Project management
  • Engineering and construction techniques
  • Resolution of construction disputes

Tribute to one
of our founders

A cornerstone of Consultants en Gestion de Construction (CGC), Léandre Mercier was at the heart of the company’s creation in 2000.

A renowned civil engineer, throughout his distinguished career Mr. Mercier was recognized for his rigour and impartiality, which made him a well-known expert in the province.

He greatly contributed to shaping the Quebec we know today through his involvement in many major projects.

The entire team of Consultants en Gestion de Construction will always remember the precious moments and great achievements we experienced working with Mr. Mercier, a colleague who was deeply appreciated by his peers throughout his time with CGC!

M. Léandre Mercier

Our mission and our values

Provide each client the level of professionalism, objectivity, integrity, confidentiality and respect that earns their trust.


  • Camp installation
  • Overburden removal
  • Rock excavation, including drilling, dynamiting and vibration control
  • Construction of roads, bridges, dikes and dams
  • Excavation and concreting of tunnels, power plants, spillways and other control structures
  • Treatment and injection of foundations
  • Rock consolidation (bolts, sprayed concrete, wire mesh, etc.)
  • Earthwork and concrete work for power substations
  • Construction and start-up of mini power plants

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  • Implementation of main gas and oil pipelines
  • Construction of distribution lines
  • Horizontal directional drilling for road crossings
  • Horizontal directional drilling or open trench river crossings
  • Installation of compressor and metering stations

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Urban Infrastructure

  • Water and sewage works
  • Road construction and development
  • Wastewater treatment works
  • Rehabilitation of existing conduits
Urban Infrastructure

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  • Construction of roads, viaducts, bridges and related infrastructure
  • Construction of port facilities
  • Management of sea or air transportation of workers, equipment and material to remote worksites

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Northern Region Projects

  • Construction of ice bridges
  • Fabrication of artificial snow and other freeze protection measures
  • Installation and operation of camps
  • Construction of radar stations
  • Planning and logistics for any remote or northern region project
Northern Region Projects

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Mines And Heavy Industry

  • Earthwork, planning and installation of infrastructure for aluminum smelters, paper mills, steel mills, mines and other heavy industries
  • Overburden removal and rock excavation
  • Port infrastructure works
  • Construction of wastewater or industrial water treatment structures
  • Quarrying and rock crushing operations
  • Formwork and concrete work for aluminum smelters, paper mills and other heavy industries
Mines And Heavy Industry

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  • Earthwork, concrete work and installations for industrial, institutional and commercial complexes
  • Preparation and analysis of construction, renovation and rehabilitation claims in the industrial, institutional and commercial sectors

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